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A military personnel member, believed to be a Russian serviceman, stands guard outside the territory of a Ukrainian military unit in the village of Perevalnoye outside Simferopol, CrimeaReuters

A military personnel member, believed to be a Russian serviceman, stands guard outside the territory of a Ukrainian military unit in the village of Perevalnoye outside Simferopol, CrimeaReuters

Crimea votes to join Russia, accelerating Ukraine crisisBig power talks on Ukraine crisis make little progress

Ukraine Crisis: China Backs Russia in ‘Cold War’ over Crimea



1. Announce that the country’s behavior is unacceptable.

2. Should they continue behaving unacceptably, we tell them that their unacceptable behavior cannot be allowed to continue.

3. Should the unacceptable behavior continue anyway, then we tell them that we really mean what we said.

4. If they’re still behaving unacceptably, then we remind them that we really, REALLY do mean what we said, and that we’re not just saying that.

5. Should this result in only more unacceptable behavior, we tell them that this time, we’re serious.

6. If that doesn’t work (and it usually doesn’t, but we Progs pride ourselves on retaining faith in the inherent goodness of our fellow man and our own ability to make others see reason), then we inform them that we may have to consider scheduling an appointment to go to Geneva, where we will meet with fellow peace-loving Progs to discuss the possibility of approaching the U.N. with a request for permission to advise the offending country that we may have to impose sanctions.

7. If that doesn’t work, then with the help of our minions in the news media, we distract the masses from what’s going on with cute photo-ops like the creation of yet another White House initiative like My Brother’s Keeper, and speeches by the First Lady on the crisis of too many moms clogging the grocery aisles as they furrow their brows over nutrition labels and agonize over whether a product has too much or too little riboflavin.

8. If, by this time, the offending country’s unacceptable behavior has spread and can no longer be contained, go back to Step 1 and start over, and have faith that this time, we’ll get different results.

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Victor Davis Hanson

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The Stepping Stones to the Ukraine Crisis

“Again, each incident in and of itself was of little import. None were the stuff of crises. But incrementally all these tiny tesserae began forming a mosaic, fairly or not, of the Obama administration as either weak or clueless or perhaps both.”

THE BLAZE: Washington Post: global democracy ‘receding’ under Obama

“President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality.”


Real Power

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~ SAITH TEH BINKS: As I recall it, Ronald Reagan warned Europe NOT to become economically and industrially dependent on Russian oil & gas. Too late. Now we see why that prudential warning is now coming home to roost. The USSR died in 1991. Too many people thought it was the End Of History, and peace, love, flowers, and Kumbayah would break out everywhere. Now, Russia has a Tsar again.. just a reminder, that means “Caesar”. Europe has unelected chinless wonder Herbert Van Rompuy, and America has Mom-Jeans & his Funtime Commie Club. Mom-Jeans is only good at riding unicorns, torturing sick people, business people, Tea-Partiers, and setting up a proto-tyranny in the United Police States of America.


Real world with hard men? Not so much.

Russia has taken Obama’s measure, and found him to be what he is: a cowardly bully with little spine, wisdom, cojones, or real-world hardball skills. His judgement & foreign policy misadventures have sent messages loud and clear around the world– unless you’re on the drone-hit list, or the domestic mysterious death list, you’ve very little to fear from Mr. Soetoro.

Writes a Facebook observer: “‘Soft power’ is a myth of postmodern wishful thinking. It means nothing in the face of those with arms AND the will to use them. The world has not fundamentally changed from the days of “horses and bayonets” that Barry so self-importantly disparaged.”

~ Binks




Russia capitulates, annexes itself to Greater Ukraine


Palin 2008 Ukraine Prediction: Completely Delusional


Obama sings ‘Crimea River’ and other all-time favorites:

  • Putin on the Ritz
  • It’s Ukrainian Men
  • What’s Kiev Got To Do With It?
  • Have You Ever Seen Ukraine?
  • I Just Called to Say it’s 3AM
  • Singin’ in Ukraine
  • Brand New Kiev
  • Blame It On Ukraine
  • With a Little Help From George Soros
  • Barack in the USSR
  • Ukraine Drops Putin on My Head
  • Who’ll Stop Ukraine?

So Sleepy

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obama asleep
“For those even with passing interest in the day to day functions of a modern American president, the term “Daily Presidential Briefing” should ring familiar. It is the time when a president is basically given the security status of the United States – and today, as Europe teeters under the weight of uprisings, and the emerging dominance of the Putin Russian government, as well as upheaval in South America and the Middle East, today’s daily briefing was cancelled. The question now, and it should be asked, is WHY?”
~ President Mom-Jeans Brandishes Phone At Russian Dictator.. apparently Mr. Mom-Jeans can’t even dress like an adult at work, or wear stylish off-duty clothes that don’t make him look unpresidential…

‘Oh dear God!’ Was this John Kerry Russia remark his most ludicrous yet?

Ouch! Has Laura Ingraham discovered John Kerry’s secret master plan for Russia?

To much Botox gave him the dumb.

To much Botox gave him the dumb.

The Almost-President

Uppance Coming?

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Via evil Hilary (FB):

Russia transferring troops and military assets to the Ukrainian border? 

WW3 Alert: Russians Begin Massing Troops On Ukraine Border, Russian Marines On ‘War Footing’ In Crimea, Arrive In Sevastopol 

US tells Russia to keep troops out of Ukraine as Crimea flashpoint looms – Telegraph

Putin puts troops in western Russia on alert in drill: agencies

 Tensions rise in Ukraine’s pro-Russian Crimea amid secession fears

~ * ~

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday: “Today I see no legitimate Ukrainian partners for a dialogue. If people crossing Kyiv in black masks and Kalashnikov rifles are considered a government, it will be difficult for us to work with such a government,” he said, calling it “the result of a mutiny.”

The prime minister spoke of a “real threat to our interests, and to our citizens’ lives and health.”

With these comments, the Russian leader laid down a pretext for Russian military intervention in Ukraine. It was Moscow’s response to the warning issued by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice Sunday, Feb. 23, that “it would be a grave mistake for Russia to send military force.”

~ * ~ 

News reports from Estonia say that there is an increase in Russian military aircraft at that border. 

A Pastor Writes

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Via Facebook:

Want to know what the Ukraine situation is all about? Here is a letter from a pastor in country. The story is deeper than we are led to believe. Here is his report:

First, what is going on in Ukraine is not for the European Union or against Russia. It is about the Ukrainian people’s dignity and destiny. They are tired of a corrupt government which acts like a tyrant, robbing and looting from its people, and they hate a judicial system where no one can find justice. They are exhausted from overtaxation and they want a chance to not just work hard, but to also have opportunities for good business and normal lives.

The current protests began on November 21, not in loyalty to a certain political party or government, but in protest against President Viktor Yanukovych suddenly changing the course of the nation. Even though he had promised for several years to pursue ties with the EU, President Yanukovych refused to sign the free trade deal and instead seemed to switch to his other option, the proposed Russian, Belarusian, Kazakhstan customs union. Many Ukrainians see association with the EU as moving towards a future of freedom of speech, equality and human rights, and an accountable democratic government. The proposed Eurasian Economic Union is none of these things. It is a hierarchically-run system without election, where many rulers hold complete power indefinitely.

Since coming to power, President Yanukovych has illegally changed the constitution, taking Ukraine from a constitutional court to a presidential republic. Almost all power has been consolidated into his party, including the appointment of parliament members and judges. Even though we know that these elections are only facades, it is impossible to prove anything with such a corrupt system and no resources. I have been a translator for these fake elections, but it is a dead end. We can do nothing. Ukrainian people do not want to live like this.

President Yanukovych can rob Ukraine and Ukrainian people and live like a sultan. He illegally privatized the extravagant Mezhyhirya and its hundreds of acres as his own private residence. Mezhyhiriya is over seven times as expensive as Camp David and the largest private residence of its type in Europe. His family and party continue to work like a criminal network and mafia while laundering money through foreign banks. Average salaries in Ukraine continue to stay very small, while prices rise higher and higher beyond US or EU expenses (where people make several times more income). How can people survive in these conditions?

President Yanukovych’s sudden movement away from the EU was another betrayal of the desires of his people and the future they want for their country. Several hundred people responded by gathering in Kyiv’s Independence Square or “Maidan.” These peaceful protests lasted nine days, until on November 30th, special riot police came at night and severely beat unarmed and innocent protesters, most of which were only students. On December 1st, 500,000 Ukrainians responded by gathering in Maidan in Kyiv. Although the protesters have continually sought to negotiate and attempt ways for peaceful resolution with President Yanukovych and his government, the situation has continued to spiral deeper and deeper over the past 90 days.

After each flare-up of violence, President Yanukovych receives more words from EU and US leaders to reach a resolution and judge those responsible for hurting peaceful protesters. But no one responsible has been punished, and President Yanukovych continues to constantly break his word to the opposition leaders and protesters. The Ukrainian people now require his complete resignation which would lead to his just imprisonment. His only other option seems to rule his own people like a tyrant while actually becoming a vassal of Russian President Putin. President Putin has played his game well with continued pressure and the promised 15 billion dollar loan, while they continue to move towards a Eurasian trade Union. President Yanukovych is holding onto his office as long as possible, following the example of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus (20 years), President Putin of Russia (18 years), and President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan (self-declared president for life). The people of Ukraine do not want to join these dictatorships–they want freedom of speech and respect for humanity, and they thought they could look for this in the ideals of the west.

The government tries to call this a civil war, but it is not. It is Ukrainian citizens willing to take responsibility for their country and for their future. People who simply long for a life of dignity. The division is not between eastern and western Ukraine. We have always dealt with these differences. Yes, there are people still under a Soviet mentality and these people are primarily in the east. They are used to relying on the government and being manipulated by propaganda from the president. If they have food and some shop money, they support the government. But these are only a small group in Ukraine and they do not support the killing of innocent citizens. President Yanukovych paid people to stage a fake gathering in support of his government, but all of these people went home, while people risk everything to stay in Maidan. He cannot understand that the people stay, not because of money, but for freedom and the future of their country and their children. People in Kyiv and in in the whole country have supported these protests sending representatives, money, food and medicine. This is not a civil war. It is a war against the government which is trying to crush its own people.

As Christians, we, of course, pray and support by bringing food and clothes. We send representatives to Maidan. One of our Evangelical leaders put a prayer tent in Maidan where volunteers bring money and food and make sandwiches for protesters. Many of these people have suffered for 90 days in the open air. I was there at the end of January while parliament was supposed to make important decisions. Unfortunately, our parliament is entirely under President Yanukovych’s power and nothing changes. The Ukrainian people, however, are very open to talking about life and about the problems of suffering, sin, and forgiveness. It is very important to be there, but many of us cannot travel or need to be with our own people in our cities. We need more Christian leaders. All of the churches are deeply involved and there are many priests who have stayed on Maidan.

The people have responded to repeated crackdowns on the protesters by building barricades and defending themselves with helmets, smoke from tires, and Molotov cocktails. In recent days, they have used stones from the street against special forces officers with semi-automatics or sniper rifles. Protesters have been kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, and killed, some with metal bullets meant to stop armored cars. Even though police forces claim to use only rubber bullets and stun grenades, these bullets, which are designed to pierce 5 ml steel, have been found in bodies. The stun grenades which they use are very powerful and designed in Russia. They are meant to throw on the ground several meters away from anyone, but police have thrown them right into crowds and even into a young woman’s backpack. They explode with very hot, plastic shrapnel which can easily get under the skin. Over 1200 protesters have been wounded, but they are too afraid to go to hospitals, where people have disappeared, been tortured, and even killed.

The special riot police or “Berkut” used against the protesters originally began in the 90’s to protect the communist party. They continue to exist as a special force designed to protect a particular group. Many of the normal police are in obligatory service. In Kyiv, they are used in the front against protesters, even though many of them sympathize with the people and have family and fiances or wives at home. In other cities, many of them have refused to obey orders that involve crimes against the people and some have even joined the protests. Still, they are stuck in a corrupt justice system. An officer gathers money, gives it to his office, he shares and gives it to his, and so on. It is the same with the courts. Fake papers are made and sent with tax police, and citizens are kicked out of their jobs and deprived of their own businesses.

President Yanukovych is also using a third group referred to as “Titushki.” These are hired thugs and released criminals protected and armed by the police. There are only two instances I can think of in history where this sort of force has been used. The SA in Nazi Germany and the Red Guard in China. These are hooligans hired to extend the troops and have even been used to begin violence on the side of the protesters by pretending they were part of the opposition. Some of these men are staying at Kyiv’s historic Orthodox Monastery, Perchersk Lavra, while they loot and destroy parts of Kyiv. Yesterday, February 19, these men shot a journalist through the chest and then beat him to death. President Yanukovych has opened a Pandora`s box, and even the government cannot fully control these thugs and special forces.

Yesterday our parliament was supposed to make a vote on returning to a constitution that limits the president’s power, but they would not discuss it. Protesters began to march towards the parliament building but were meant by government forces. They placed the young obligatorily-serving policemen in the front, then the Berkut forces, and then the Titushki in the back throwing explosives and using firearms. Over 26 people died on Maidan. Today 02.21.2012. 13.30. 73 people are killed (62 protesters and 11 soldiers).

Now martial law has been illegally implemented in Kyiv. The roads are blocked and some internet usage is limited. Thousands of mobile phones have been canceled after receiving messages warning that the subscriber is known to be part of the protests. Everyone is forbidden to go to our capital city. The subways have been turned off and have only been used for government troop transport. To compare to other times of crisis, in Moscow during all of World War II, the subway system was only down for one day. Forcing them to shut down is unheard of and the first in Kyiv. Special army paratrooper brigades are being called to Kyiv under the smokescreen of an “anti-terrorist” operation. There is no terrorist danger in Ukraine. Propaganda and TV, especially in industrial and urban centers, is being used to create a national guard willing to kill all the people who stay in Maidan. It is possible that martial law will be used across Ukraine, shutting down movement, information, phones, internet, transportation, and limiting all basic civil rights for the people.

Most of the people in Ukraine had very high expectations for the west. They see them as standing for freedom of speech, expression, gatherings and the dignity of life. For 90 days, the people of Ukraine watched the EU try to communicate with President Yanukovych in a language he doesn’t understand. He is an illiterate and blind criminal and does not respond to the west “expressing concern” or vaguely hinting at “consequences.” He has proved himself as a man of force and one that only understand power. If the EU wanted to make a difference, they must push in their negotiations until he understands. If no one is pushing and the Ukrainian people remain peaceful in their protests, he will act like he as he has always acted. No one does anything. No one is asking questions. Police who have murdered and beaten innocent citizens are still not prosecuted.

Respected professor and judge Volodymir Vasilenko (who worked at Netherland court, which dealt with crime against humanity) declared weeks ago that the violence against Ukrainian people is a “crime against humanity.” But neither the EU or the US did anything about this expert express concern. We don’t need just sanctions, we need these countries to apply their own laws. President Yanukovych and his government hold their money in western banks. If the EU and US would apply their laws against laundering and block this money, it would affect the politics in Ukraine. Shouldn’t someone ask how President Yanukovych’s son who is just a dentist became a billionaire in a year? Right now only President Putin and the Ukrainian oligarchs Ahmetov and Firtash, who have influence on President Yanukovych. If the EU and US put pressure on the rich people of Ukraine, they will be forced to make President Yanukovych listen to them or they will lose their businesses. We wouldn’t have any more of these days where people die in the streets.

The EU is scared to do this because if they block money from criminals they will start to lose all the money from Asian governments. EU economics will suffer. And EU doesn’t want to fight with President Putin. President Obama has done the same. While he embodies the “superpower” of America, he refuses to push President Yanukovych to deal with the protests.

Ukrainians are disappointed with so called Christian societies in the west. Some of us, obviously, didn’t believe that the west would still fight for these things, but it was disillusioning to many who are now desperate and angry. Of course, this is our business. We will use whatever we have to fix it.

The famous Russian war journalist, Arkadiy Babchenko, who has been everywhere in every war in his career said it is incomparable how the people in Maidan defend themselves without firearms. On February 18-19 the people in Maidan defended their already compromised barricades from attacks that came from the riot police every ten, fifteen minutes for twenty-six hours. Then President Yanukovych decided to make a temporary truce. But this morning (February 20th), they couldn’t wait. The people in Maidan were not ready to wait and be tricked and driven out by Special Forces again. But they were shot by snipers who even shot medical volunteers. Today a 21 year-old nurse was shot by a sniper in the neck. She was wearing white with an obvious red cross, praise the Lord, she survived. A teacher from a Catholic University was also killed along with over 80 others in violence throughout Kyiv and into other areas of Ukraine. Thankfully, in my city and eight other areas, the government institutions are working with so-called peoples’ councils and our cities are mostly peaceful while changes are being made.

What we need.
An awakening of people’s consciences. Not for or against the EU or Russia, but for dignity and freedom. Men have returned to Maidan after intimidation and torture. One man was crucified to a door and his ears were cut off. Journalists and protesters have been beaten and more and more have died. Pray for the people and pray for us. In difficult times, people will talk to God. There are also many opportunities for us to talk about God with them. We need more workers and preachers. Many pastors, like me, cannot leave our churches and people to be in Maidan all the time. We have sent one minister from the Alliance of Christian Reformed Churches of Ukraine to constantly be there. We have sent good young men. We need firearms to defend ourselves and we need human arms to help. Yesterday a friend of mine was wounded with shrapnel from a stun grenade. Another one, Volodymir (Jack ___________and Bogumil ____________ you should remember him, we had meet him and another one at Kiev, they were ministering at rehab center) good friend of mine was almost killed by the stun grenade, his foot was torn away. President Yanukovych’s government has all the power and the people have nothing. But people will not live like this anymore.

Thank You for Your support and prayers, Grace to all of You, Yours in Christ,


Usually, Ukrainian born & raised Oleg Atbashian is busy mocking, parodying, and using his considerable talents to undermine communists and progressives everywhere. Today, he is clearly speaking form the heart.

Ukrainian revolution has won today and it’s very emotional for me, since that is where I was born and raised. 82 protesters are dead, the president is running, government thieves are being hunted down and brought to justice, communist party headquarters ransacked, and all remaining statues of Lenin and other communist leaders torn down all over Ukraine.

I spent all day watching live feed from the victory rally on Independence Square, or Maidan (pronounced as My-DONE) in Kiev, wishing I were there. In fact, this is the first time in almost 20 years that I’ve been in the US that I wanted to be back in Ukraine and celebrate. So many memories, so much to say. So excuse me if I don’t write more now. Perhaps, later.

The People’s Cube does great work.. why not buy his book, watch him on Youtube, grab a t-shirt, and drop a word of encouragement to this immigrant to the West who understands the fight we are in, and is giving his all to help his new friends understand and fight back.