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Victor Davis Hanson

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Commentary, Images, News, Social Media

The Stepping Stones to the Ukraine Crisis

“Again, each incident in and of itself was of little import. None were the stuff of crises. But incrementally all these tiny tesserae began forming a mosaic, fairly or not, of the Obama administration as either weak or clueless or perhaps both.”

THE BLAZE: Washington Post: global democracy ‘receding’ under Obama

“President Obama has led a foreign policy based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality.”



An Interesting Take

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Commentary, Images

Theodore Dalrymple: The Wisdom of the Ukrainian Plumber

The Dalrymple

The Dalrymple

Real Power

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Commentary, Images, News, Social Media

~ SAITH TEH BINKS: As I recall it, Ronald Reagan warned Europe NOT to become economically and industrially dependent on Russian oil & gas. Too late. Now we see why that prudential warning is now coming home to roost. The USSR died in 1991. Too many people thought it was the End Of History, and peace, love, flowers, and Kumbayah would break out everywhere. Now, Russia has a Tsar again.. just a reminder, that means “Caesar”. Europe has unelected chinless wonder Herbert Van Rompuy, and America has Mom-Jeans & his Funtime Commie Club. Mom-Jeans is only good at riding unicorns, torturing sick people, business people, Tea-Partiers, and setting up a proto-tyranny in the United Police States of America.


Real world with hard men? Not so much.

Russia has taken Obama’s measure, and found him to be what he is: a cowardly bully with little spine, wisdom, cojones, or real-world hardball skills. His judgement & foreign policy misadventures have sent messages loud and clear around the world– unless you’re on the drone-hit list, or the domestic mysterious death list, you’ve very little to fear from Mr. Soetoro.

Writes a Facebook observer: “‘Soft power’ is a myth of postmodern wishful thinking. It means nothing in the face of those with arms AND the will to use them. The world has not fundamentally changed from the days of “horses and bayonets” that Barry so self-importantly disparaged.”

~ Binks




Russia capitulates, annexes itself to Greater Ukraine


Palin 2008 Ukraine Prediction: Completely Delusional



Five Questions and Answers That Tell you Everything You Need To Know About US Response to the Ukraine Crisis

National Post’s Kelly McParland: “Obama’s reluctance to carry a big stick on the international scene — in Syria, in Egypt, in Libya, in Iraq and Afghanistan — is an invitation to the warlords and autocrats of the world to fill the void. Putin’s brash move will only encourage them to abandon any fears they still have that there might be a high cost to pay

Obama’s Foreign Relations Surrender

Kerry Disputes That Putin Seized Crimea Because He Thought Obama Wouldn’t Respond

Surrender or ‘face storm,’ Russia tells Ukraine as Duma prepares a bill to annex Crimea (plus videos, other links)

How Ukraine’s revolution went from triumph to torment when Russia seized Crimea

Stock markets tumble around the world as Ukraine war threat spooks investors

It Is To Laugh: Ukraine: Russia Condemned By G7 Over Crimea. What next.. harsh language?

white flag 3

Obama sings ‘Crimea River’ and other all-time favorites:

  • Putin on the Ritz
  • It’s Ukrainian Men
  • What’s Kiev Got To Do With It?
  • Have You Ever Seen Ukraine?
  • I Just Called to Say it’s 3AM
  • Singin’ in Ukraine
  • Brand New Kiev
  • Blame It On Ukraine
  • With a Little Help From George Soros
  • Barack in the USSR
  • Ukraine Drops Putin on My Head
  • Who’ll Stop Ukraine?

So Sleepy

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obama asleep
“For those even with passing interest in the day to day functions of a modern American president, the term “Daily Presidential Briefing” should ring familiar. It is the time when a president is basically given the security status of the United States – and today, as Europe teeters under the weight of uprisings, and the emerging dominance of the Putin Russian government, as well as upheaval in South America and the Middle East, today’s daily briefing was cancelled. The question now, and it should be asked, is WHY?”
~ President Mom-Jeans Brandishes Phone At Russian Dictator.. apparently Mr. Mom-Jeans can’t even dress like an adult at work, or wear stylish off-duty clothes that don’t make him look unpresidential…

‘Oh dear God!’ Was this John Kerry Russia remark his most ludicrous yet?

Ouch! Has Laura Ingraham discovered John Kerry’s secret master plan for Russia?

To much Botox gave him the dumb.

To much Botox gave him the dumb.

The Almost-President

The Pipes, the Pipes Are Calling

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Images, News, Videos


Ukraine protests: Brave bagpiper relives the day he was shot in ear as he played amid violent riots in Kiev

News & Commentary Items

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Commentary, Images, News, Social Media
The body of Ustim Holodnyuk, 19, who was killed in fighting between anti-government protesters and police, is carried from Independence Square on February 21 Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The body of Ustim Holodnyuk, 19, who was killed in fighting between anti-government protesters and police, is carried from Independence Square on February 21 Photo: GETTY IMAGES

~ BBC: Ukraine crisis: Opposition asserts authority in Kiev

~ NYT: Protesters Seize Presidential Palace

~ Yanukovych cries ‘coup,’ will not resign

~ Parliament Votes To Dismiss

~ COMMENTARY: Father Raymond J. de Souza: A day’s drive from Sochi, people are killed with Putin’s connivance

~ COMMENTARY:  Conrad Black: A historic settlement for a long-bloodied Ukraine

~ Ukraine protests: Opposition signs deal to end crisis – as it happened

~ Ukraine president refuses to resign and compares ‘coup’ to rise of Nazis

~Viktor Yanukovych leaves Kiev for eastern support base

~ Ukraine: peace hopes in the air as president loses his powers

~ Colin Freeman: where was Britain as Ukraine burned?