So Sleepy

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Images, News, Social Media, Uncategorized
obama asleep
“For those even with passing interest in the day to day functions of a modern American president, the term “Daily Presidential Briefing” should ring familiar. It is the time when a president is basically given the security status of the United States – and today, as Europe teeters under the weight of uprisings, and the emerging dominance of the Putin Russian government, as well as upheaval in South America and the Middle East, today’s daily briefing was cancelled. The question now, and it should be asked, is WHY?”
~ President Mom-Jeans Brandishes Phone At Russian Dictator.. apparently Mr. Mom-Jeans can’t even dress like an adult at work, or wear stylish off-duty clothes that don’t make him look unpresidential…

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