Real Power

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Commentary, Images, News, Social Media

~ SAITH TEH BINKS: As I recall it, Ronald Reagan warned Europe NOT to become economically and industrially dependent on Russian oil & gas. Too late. Now we see why that prudential warning is now coming home to roost. The USSR died in 1991. Too many people thought it was the End Of History, and peace, love, flowers, and Kumbayah would break out everywhere. Now, Russia has a Tsar again.. just a reminder, that means “Caesar”. Europe has unelected chinless wonder Herbert Van Rompuy, and America has Mom-Jeans & his Funtime Commie Club. Mom-Jeans is only good at riding unicorns, torturing sick people, business people, Tea-Partiers, and setting up a proto-tyranny in the United Police States of America.


Real world with hard men? Not so much.

Russia has taken Obama’s measure, and found him to be what he is: a cowardly bully with little spine, wisdom, cojones, or real-world hardball skills. His judgement & foreign policy misadventures have sent messages loud and clear around the world– unless you’re on the drone-hit list, or the domestic mysterious death list, you’ve very little to fear from Mr. Soetoro.

Writes a Facebook observer: “‘Soft power’ is a myth of postmodern wishful thinking. It means nothing in the face of those with arms AND the will to use them. The world has not fundamentally changed from the days of “horses and bayonets” that Barry so self-importantly disparaged.”

~ Binks




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