How Putin Won The Ukraine

Posted: March 3, 2014 in Background, Commentary, Facebook, Images, News
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Five Questions and Answers That Tell you Everything You Need To Know About US Response to the Ukraine Crisis

National Post’s Kelly McParland: “Obama’s reluctance to carry a big stick on the international scene — in Syria, in Egypt, in Libya, in Iraq and Afghanistan — is an invitation to the warlords and autocrats of the world to fill the void. Putin’s brash move will only encourage them to abandon any fears they still have that there might be a high cost to pay

Obama’s Foreign Relations Surrender

Kerry Disputes That Putin Seized Crimea Because He Thought Obama Wouldn’t Respond

Surrender or ‘face storm,’ Russia tells Ukraine as Duma prepares a bill to annex Crimea (plus videos, other links)

How Ukraine’s revolution went from triumph to torment when Russia seized Crimea

Stock markets tumble around the world as Ukraine war threat spooks investors

It Is To Laugh: Ukraine: Russia Condemned By G7 Over Crimea. What next.. harsh language?

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