Uppance Coming?

Posted: February 26, 2014 in News, Social Media


Via evil Hilary (FB):

Russia transferring troops and military assets to the Ukrainian border? 

WW3 Alert: Russians Begin Massing Troops On Ukraine Border, Russian Marines On ‘War Footing’ In Crimea, Arrive In Sevastopol 

US tells Russia to keep troops out of Ukraine as Crimea flashpoint looms – Telegraph

Putin puts troops in western Russia on alert in drill: agencies

 Tensions rise in Ukraine’s pro-Russian Crimea amid secession fears

~ * ~

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Monday: “Today I see no legitimate Ukrainian partners for a dialogue. If people crossing Kyiv in black masks and Kalashnikov rifles are considered a government, it will be difficult for us to work with such a government,” he said, calling it “the result of a mutiny.”

The prime minister spoke of a “real threat to our interests, and to our citizens’ lives and health.”

With these comments, the Russian leader laid down a pretext for Russian military intervention in Ukraine. It was Moscow’s response to the warning issued by US National Security Adviser Susan Rice Sunday, Feb. 23, that “it would be a grave mistake for Russia to send military force.”

~ * ~ 

News reports from Estonia say that there is an increase in Russian military aircraft at that border. 


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