Insanity, Saith Binks

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Background, Commentary

BBC News – Corruption across EU ‘breathtaking’ – EU Commission

~ AS THE AMERICAN Media-Propaganda departments cover for the U.S.-engineered uprising in the Ukraine, the alleged battle is over whether to join the Putin mafia-family, or the EU Crime-Syndicate Sunshine & Happy Time Club. Funny thing is, the amount of corruption in the EU alone is greater than the entire Ukrainian economy; it is ruled by a privately-selected petty dictator, and a corrupt unelected parliament, and is only tottering along financially because everybody is playing the let’s pretend game.

That is, the American movers and shakers (via people like Victoria “F*ck The EU” Nuland) who are openly provoking Russia in her strategic underbelly don’t have a real alternative to Russian domination, except the second-most corrupt regime in Europe, the EU. Imagine America’s reaction if Russian were openly funding Texas succession, so Texas could join the free markets and shining democracy of… Mexico.

Basic Rules

Binks lives in a place with bears– occasionally they come out of the local woods to browse our fine selection of fast-food dumpsters. So I know whereof I speak in saying the following. Rule #1 with a bear is: Don’t Poke It. There isn’t even a rule for “Don’t Kick A Bear Repeatedly In The ‘Nads”. Mind you, ours are not giant-sized grizzlies, only Smart car-sized Black Bears.

don't poke the bear

The Bear Pokers

The goofiest president ever, presiding over the most malevolent & ham-fisted administration ever is currently doing geopolitics by poking the bear. Putin is a very serious hard man. He’s not nice, he’s not a peace-loving pacifist representative of a rich cultural heritage. He does not wear mom-jeans, or treat problems with kid gloves. There was a video out there of Russian special services dealing with Somalian pirates– the ones that weren’t shot were questioned, then set back in their boat.. which exploded into flames and bits a minute later.

That’s who America is casually effing around with.

Almost single-handedly because of then-President Jack Kennedy, the Cuban Missile Crisis (caused by the U.S. nuke missiles in Turkey) was defused. No, not RFK, but JFK. The original recordings make it very clear.

Will we be so lucky a second time? ~

~ Binks


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